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If you have verified your identity with RealMe you can securely prove who you are, right now.

What’s RealMe?®

The easy way to prove who you are online

RealMe® is a service from the New Zealand government and New Zealand Post that allows you to prove who you are online.

Have you already verified your identity with RealMe®?

The answer is yes if you have applied online and then visited a PostShop to have your photo taken, or signed up for a verified identity when you renewed your passport online.

What's so good about being verified?

Once your identity is verified with RealMe®, you'll be able to do lots of useful things online - like applying for a new bank account or getting a birth certificate - without needing to visit a branch. Find out more

Don't have RealMe® verified identity?

If you do not have an existing RealMe identity which you can use then getting one is simple and quick - see here for more information.

If you do not wish to use a RealMe account please visit the following link for more information on alternative methods:
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